Hasa Sani-Clor, Clearly Better. Shocks and Sanitizes without adding CYA or Calcium

Hasa Sani-Clor is a 12.5% sodium hypochlorite solution for use in the treatment of water in swimming pools and hot tubs. When introduced into a swimming pool or hot tub it is immediately available to destroy algae, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Economical to use and does not leave residual chemicals such as cyanuric acid and calcium. Sani-Clor can be used as both a shock or a sanitizer and is exceptional as a shocking agent in salt pools. Ask about the Hasa Liquidator, a simple way to dose and sanitize a pool daily with Sani-Clor.

Sani-Clor is uniquely packaged as a deposit product of (4) returnable 1 gallon bottles in a sturdy easy-carry yellow case. The original patented "No Glug-Jug" prevents bleach from splashing and the heavy duty case provides secondary containment should a leak or spill occur.

The deposit return and refill program of Sani-Clor has prevented millions of pounds of plastic and cardboard from entering our landfills.