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Featured Products from our Vendors

Our Suppliers are constantly upgrading their products and also adding new Items to give you the latest in energy Efficiency and technology. Please bookmark this page so you can check it on a constant basis to see the new items .

Treo Micro

The Treo Micro provides subtle light that enables you to create customized lighting effects that your customers will love

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GloBrite LED 'S 

use advanced technology for energy-efficient, high-quality light displays, delivered with enhanced LED brightness and superior optics, while using 18% less energy than its leading competitor.
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Jandy JXI Heaters, Compact and built to last


The JXi heater sets a new standard in pool and spa heating technology with its ultra-compact size, lightweight design, and installation flexibility, making it a top choice for pool professionals and pool owners everywhere. The high-efficiency, low-NOx JXi is available in four BTU sizes, 200K, 260K, 330K, 400K, and offered in both natural and propane gas models. Read more »