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Featured Products from our Vendors

Our Suppliers are constantly upgrading their products and also adding new Items to give you the latest in energy Efficiency and technology. Please bookmark this page so you can check it on a constant basis to see the new items .

Hayward pHin™

The pHin smart monitor is an innovative addition to Hayward’s product portfolio that measures temperature, pH and sanitizer levels over 1,000 times per week. Elegantly designed, pHin is an easy-to-use wireless device that simply floats in the vessel’s water as its sensors collect valuable water chemistry data that it makes accessible to retailers via the pHin Partner Portal. Learn More >> 

Blue Square Vivid 360 Replacement LED Lighting

The Vivid 360 Replacement LED lighting by Blue Square Manufacturing is engineered to replace most existing pool and spa lights to deliver more colorful and vivid lighting than ever before. Whether you need to replace a broken light or you just want to upgrade to a more colorful brighter LED light, Vivid 360 is the preferred choice of pool owners and industry experts alike. Read More >>

Natural Chemistry PHOSfree MAX

Natural Chemistry has introduced new PHOSfree Max – a powerful and reliable phosphate remover designed for both residential and commercial pool use. It removes high levels of problem-causing phosphates from swimming pool water. Read More >>


Eliminates and Prevents All Algae | Reduces Chlorine Demand | Lasts up to 6 months!
Simple and Effective | Residential and Commercial | Provides ‘High-Definition’ Water Clarity 

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