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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply click on the "My Account" link and select "Create a Web Account".
Once there, fill out the online form. One of our Customer Service
Representatives will quickly contact you to verify your information and send you the documents
setup your account. You will receive an email when your account is
activated. If you already have an account with us, your information and
options will be available after you login with you new password for this
new site.Florida Water Products sells to the Trade Only.
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To switch between accounts, go to the my account page and you will see a spot at the top where you can switch between accounts.

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•Login using the "login" or "My Account" links at the top of the page

•Add desired items to your cart. You will see the number of items in
your cart and the running total cost of your items at the top of the
page. At any time you can "mouse over" the cart and its contents will be
viewable to you.

•When finished ordering, simply click on the cart and you will be taken
to checkout where you confirm your shipping address, shipping method and
then click submit. You will receive an email confirmation that your
order has been received.
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Login and visit your "My Account" page. If you previously setup and
saved a "Favorites" list it will be viewable on your "My Account" or
"Favorites" Page. To add more items to your list, simply click "add to
favorites" while visiting a product page. See the instructions for using
My Favorites under the Site Features tab.
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You can quickly place repetitive buys by creating a Favorites list of
repeat order items.  You can also build a saved cart, or make selections
of items from the "Frequent Items" module which compiles a list of the
top 25 items purchased under your web account.  The Favorites list and
Frequent Items modules are located under the My Account drop-down menu
located on the main navigation bar.
Last updated by at 1/20/2013 3:50:13 PM