November 1983

Henry "Hank" Caballero ( Susan's father ) opened a 5,000 square foot warehouse in Tampa, Florida. Susan came to work for her father at Florida Water Products in 1986 with Mike and Dave following in 1988 and 1989 respectively. Hank promised David and Mike they would be given a part of the company in exchange for their service and loyalty. It was a "handshake agreement" and it was honored.


Each of the owners has a child working at Florida Water Products. They are truly the epitome of the American family business with three generations of working family for proof. The year 2013 will mark 30 years of continuous service to the pool and spa industry. Susan oversees Human Resources and Credit. Dave oversees Finance and Purchasing. Mike oversees the three Texas branches and all future branch expansions.

Susan Mozas-Cahn

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