Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. is proud to introduce iAquaLink2.0.

Working with installers, electricians, and pool professionals, we’ve developed an all-new iAquaLink
solution that provides the easiest installation, set up, and use. With iAquaLink2.0, Wi-Fi
installation is streamlined, dramatically reducing installation time.

Pool owners continue to enjoy the same great iAquaLink experience, and use of the same free apps.

New with iAquaLink 2.0:
•    No more laptops, USB cables, or software to download – only a smartphone or tablet is required
for setup.
•    A more powerful radio for greater range than 1st generation iAquaLink.
•    Out-of-the-box compatibility with virtually all residential routers.
•    WPS Pushbutton Wi-Fi setup option – no data entry required.

Why iAquaLink:
•    Users can operate AquaLink® controllers anywhere in the world, 24/7, from their mobile
•    Apps are free to download and use, and are available for Apple®, Android™, and other devices.
•    Users can keep and use their existing wall-mounted or wireless AquaLink user interfaces.
•    Service pros can troubleshoot and setup AquaLink RS systems remotely.


Powerful & Versatile

  • Upgrades available for virtually any AquaLink, Jandy®, or Zodiac controller ever made
  • Exceptional wi-fi reliability with stronger signal strength
  • No unsightly wires, wall panels, or charging bases required
  • Compatible with virtually all residential WiFi and Ethernet networks
  • Easy, hassle-free online registration Professional Installation required

For the pool professional, iAquaLink 2.0 delivers the easiest installation ever and offers:

  • Faster and easier installation with no need for laptops, cables, or software to download
  • Simple wi-fi setup using any smartphone or tablet
  • Enhanced wi-fi performance with strongest signal strength
  • Compatibility with virtually all routers

Technical Details

  • Requires an iAquaLink device, and an AquaLink RS, AquaLink PDA, or AquaLink Z4 Pool/Spa control system.
  • Requires a quality Wi-Fi signal or Ethernet connection at the iAquaLink device.
  • Requires a free iAquaLink account.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Smartphones and/or tablets not included with the purchase of iAquaLink.
  • To activate the iAquaLink system, you will need:
    • Access to home's internet service and computer
    • Wi-Fi network SSID and key (for Wi-Fi connection) or Ethernet network cable (for hard-wired connection)
Item Description
iQ20-A Zodiac iAqualink 2.0 Network Interface Module
iQ20-RS Zodiac iAquaLink 2.0 Upgrade Kit RS Systems